I will be appearing alongside course mate Rosie and Chris from Supercollider on Dazed Live radio at 1pm this Saturday as part of the DAZED LIVE festival to discuss our favorite sounds of Science!

Not sure exactly how you can tune in, but I’ll update you when I find out!

The lineup for the festival looks pretty snazzy, with a nice mix of music, talks and exhibitions – hopefully I’ll get a chance to check some of these out – to find out more and to see the full lineup for the festival go on down to their website: http://dazedlive.com/

Here’s a track I recently came across entitled ‘Particles of God’ by Jeff Oster which I hope we’ll get a chance to play, it’s inspired by and incorporates samples from the LHCsound project which I covered in my first Sounds of Science episode here

2 thoughts on “DAZED LIVE

  1. Sounds good man. Listened to the track and it was pretty sick. Make sure you post a link the radio show beforehand.


  2. How very cool that you found my track “Particles of God”

    What these scientists do is just amazing! Along these same lines, I’ve incorporated the sounds of the auroras of Saturn in a track called Saturn Calling. The “wind” you hear at the beginning is what was captured by Cassini on the way to Saturn.

    You can hear it here:

    and the orchestral remix by Jace Vek is here:


    Thanks for following all things DAZED!


    Jeff Oster

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