The Dustbin Man Cometh (again)

Following the recent In The Dark: Cityscapes event I was interviewed for the Monocle 24 radio show ‘The Urbanist‘ – we talked about some of the pieces played, discuss the power of audio and explore the nature of urban soundscapes. You can have a listen below, although I admit, I much prefer being on the other side of the microphone.

Listen here: [audio]

The Dustbin Man Cometh was also featured featured on NTS radio by Graham Dunning on his show ‘Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone‘ – the show’s a nice listen for anyone interested in avant garde audio, featuring a jagged mix of experimental music, sound art and sonic experimentation. There’s a blog associated with the show here and you can catch the show every second Friday between 8-10am on NTS Radio. Recommended listening.

You can listen to the show below:

2 thoughts on “The Dustbin Man Cometh (again)

  1. Great interview. Funny how we cringe at hearing our own voices. I’d love to have the opportunity to attend one of the In the Dark events – sounds like you guys are doing a great job in presenting the way in which sound can create a narrative.

    1. Thanks – yes I do cringe when I hear my voice!

      Re: In The Dark – we’re trying to explore the practice of ‘live listening’ further by making it something that’s more than just playing a linear selection of radio pieces. For our next event we’ve been producing a lot of our own content, to help blend and transition between the selected pieces – weaving the everything together into one coherent ‘mix’ if you will. We’d love to make these mixes available online, but getting permission to do this from all producers / broadcasters is a bit of a headache.

      Although it’s probably still a huge distance for you, there are In The Dark events occasionally in Sydney, and if you ever find yourself in London, you are of course welcome as our guest!


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