Creative & Soundart

Abstract / Soundscapes / dreamscapes

Rumours [LIFT Festival]

Sample from the ‘Listening Post’ sound installation at Battersea Arts Centre, working in collaboration with James Wilkes and Tom Chivers.

The List (3 movements)

Collaboration with poet James Wilkes pulling together an odd array of incoherent imagery, places and situations featured in a week’s worth of dreams. The three movements were commissioned by and exhibited at the Manchester Museum of Science and industry for their ‘Dark Matters’ event.

In The Dark: Beyond The Grave

Short audio segments and transitions produced for our Beyond the Grave event, which took place in the deserted chapel of an old cemetery!

On Location: Writers, Sounds and Places

Audio pieces produced for the British Library event on landscape literature, the pieces were mixed live under live readings from poets and writers including T.S. Eliot award winning poet Alice Oswlad.

For more info on the pieces and the event, please read this blog post:

Porn Whales

Audio short using pornography audio samples, manipulated and processed to sound like whales. Produced for the In the Dark ‘One Night Stand’ event in May 2012.

The Dustbin Man Cometh

Audio short using a recording of a dustbin truck collection to create an epic and glitchy processed soundscape. Produced for exhibition at the In the Dark: Cityscapes event at the Wapping Glasshouse in March 2012.

Adam as machine

Musical audio short using interview material recorded for the ‘D’ word. This piece focuses on pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton and his perspective on the ‘mechanical’ nature of the human body. Featured at the ‘In the Dark at the Folly’ event in August 2011.

Bury St Edmunds

A surreal audio narrative constructed from recordings made on a trip to Bury St Edmunds. The piece morphs and moves between watery submersion, unsettling birdsong and market criers.

The Trip

A dreamlike soundscape constructed from field recordings made on a trip to Wales, the piece tells an abstract tale of weather, walks and slugs.

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