The Sound in Silence, The Silence in Sound

A sound rich exploration into the complex and often abstract relationship we have with the space between silence and noise. Headphones recommended. Produced as an artistic output for an AHRC funded project.

Oh, I See!

An audio feature I produced for Pod Academy about the vOICe software, a computer program that has been helping the blind to see with sound. The software scans and converts visual information coming from a camera into a coded soundscape, which can be interpreted as a sort of ‘synthetic vision’ – effectively allowing the user to see with their ears!

The piece explores the technology from the perspective of blind user Pat Fletcher, and explores the science and technology behind the software with it’s creator Dr Peter Meijer and cognitive psychologist Dr Michael Proulx (University of Bath).

In The Morgue on Pod Academy

Short piece using material recorded for The D-Word and featuring pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton who takes the listener on a tour around a Hospital Mortuary.

Listen to it here.

The ‘D’ Word on

A 30 minute documentary I produced in the summer of 2011 exploring our relationship with death. The piece explores the subject from multiple perspectives, including a pathologist, funeral directors and a graveyard wardan. The piece uses experimental editing techniques to blend interview material with actuality recordings to examine what it is that makes death so difficult to deal with.

You can find it here, on PRX or on where it was subsequently featured.

Adam as machine

Creative audio short using interview material recorded for the ‘D’ word. This piece focuses on pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton and his particular perspective on the ‘mechanical’ nature of the human body. Featured at the ‘In the Dark at the Folly’ event in August 2011.

Winters Rest

Short piece composed around an interview with pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton – exploring the reality of death in a mortuary at Christmas. Featured on

Alder Hey’s Dawn Chorus

This 7 minute radio feature explores the use of birdsong at Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool. The piece features wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson and explores how the use of sound within the healthcare environment has been used to improve the experiences of young patients. Broadcast on KUOW Presents (USA) in February 2012.

Chris Watson on Noise

Interview with legendary sound recordist Chris Watson on the issue of noise both within the human and natural environment. Featured on

Space Shuttle Retirement

Short piece featuring writer and producer Piers Bizony exploring the death of the American Space Shuttle programme. Produced for the Imperial College I,Science podcast and also featured on as part of their Mariner 9 installation.

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