Rendezvous with Rama

Rendezvous with Rama (written by Arthur C. Clarke) is widely regarded as a Sci-Fi classic, winning both the Hugo and Nebula literary awards after it’s release in 1972.

Roberto Tenance talks to Alex, a member of the Imperial College Sci-Fi society, to find out why this book is particularly special to him.

Listen here

Drinkers beware

A short video we shot and produced this week to accompany an article appearing in the Imperial College I, Science magazine.

Watch out for Adam Ant!

The article, written by student Katie Tomlinson, dissects the biology of a night out – so we went to the Union bar with a camera to bombard students with a range of questions to see just how well they performed after a few (or in some cases many) drinks.

Remember, drink responsibly (or at least make sure there isn’t a camera in the vicinity).

Tuition Fees Protest (10/10/10)

A brief video put together by students of the MSc Science Media Production course at Imperial College London – thanks go to Andrew Bailey, Ed Prosser and Katie Draper.

The video reflects upon the mostly peaceful nature of the student tuition fees protest which marched past Westminster on Wednesday 10th November 2010.

The BBC provides useful coverage on the continuing University Funding debate: click here.